Who Are We?

We just haven’t figure that out yet maybe if you keep reading us you ‘ll know first.

I hope you enjoy this us much as we!

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  • Update:4-6-2008

Ok now i think we figured somekind of a path.What i mean?we blog for fun.Almost every article is picked up from our own feeds and likes.You might have noticed that we don’t just write about stuff from tv or any kind of news if we aren’t really into it.So you probably shouldn’t take this blog as a everyday typical column.We are more personal.If you are reading us you reading what we like not what is popular.

More about:I can speak only for myself,i think we took the design,tech kind with a little pinch of criticism road.But be sure to know that we are a blog not a website.a personal blog.And as any person kind change course so does a blog.

Futute:thanks to the more and more views we thought to move on our domain soon.Nothing gonna change for u (no ads or sruff like that),maybe a more fresh layout but i think you are use to it by now.


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